BPA sets out its new year resolutions

The British Ports Association says it is looking for more policy wins in 2022 in its agenda for the industry over the next 12 months. Reducing emissions and supporting biodiversity will remain high priority as government regulation continues to grow and BPA expects significant developments in shore power and new dredging frameworks. Adaptation to climate change is likely to grow in policy importance as will wider resilience.  Freeports and 'levelling up' ... [+]

Ports call for priority tests for workers

The British Ports Association has called for workers in the industry to be included in the priority Covid testing scheme announced at a Downing Street briefing on 4 January. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that the government has identified 100,000 critical workers who will be able to take daily lateral ... [+]

Putting ports on the map

The British Ports Association and the UK Harbour Masters’ Association have jointly produced a map of the UK’s ports and harbours, showing the scale and spread of the industry. It is available in two formats: PDF version and an interactive online version. It shows the location of hundreds of ports ... [+]

Ireland fixed link bill would be £40bn, say ports

The fixed link between Northern Ireland and Great Britain currently being considered by the Government is likely to cost about £40 billion, according to an assessment commissioned by the British Ports Association (BPA). According to the report I Have a Bridge to Sell You: Making The Case for Port Connectivity, the ... [+]

Resilient ports look for recovery

Incoming British Ports Association chair Neil Glendinning praised the industry’s resilience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic at a time when others  were scaling back operations. He added that while the last twelve months have been difficult, the next twelve months present an opportunity for the sector to pursue a recovery effort that ... [+]

Ports’ border plans underfunded, says BPA

Timescales have become extremely challenging in the Government’s Port Infrastructure Fund allocations, warns the British Ports Association, adding that more funding is be needed to ensure adequate border infrastructure is ready in time. With many bids underfunded due to a high demand, some ports now face a choice of whether to ... [+]

Photographers invited to go coastal

Photographers throughout the country are invited to capture the beauty of the British Coastline in a competition organised by the British Ports Association.The competition is open to anyone, including members of the public and workers anywhere coastal in the UK, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and ... [+]

Port workers are key workers too, says BPA chief

Port people are the UK’s hidden key workers and had played a vital role in keeping the country going during the covid crisis, British Ports Association chairman Martin Lawlor told the organisation’s annual general meeting, held by video link on 12 August. He praised the sector’s resilience and critical role it ... [+]

Port links under the microscope

The British Ports Association is hosting a Port Connectivity Summit this spring to focus attention on the how investment hinterland links can be prioritised. There will be speakers from across the port and shipping sectors and government. [+]

Infrastructure body calls for zero-tolerance to freight emissions

Emissions from freight traffic on road and rail should be reduced to zero by 2050 and there should be a complete ban on the sale of diesel-powered heavy trucks by 2040, said the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) in a report published on 17 April. Sir John Armitt, the Commission chairman said ... [+]

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