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Brexit borders made easy

[ November 23, 2018   //   ]

The Port of Le Havre community system, SOGET, says it can offer an electronic solution to the problem of clearing cross-Channel traffic between the UK and France after Brexit.

SOGET’s Port Community System (PCS) already handles ro ro operations across the Channel to the ports of Caen-Ouistreham, Calais and Le Havre. The ‘EasyBrexit’ pilot solution offered by SOGET will extend its digital expertise to all types of goods

Director of Soget Innovation, Olivier Jean-Degauchyexplains:  “The approach is very simple: ferry lines and Channel Tunnel logistics traffic are considered as road and ro ro bridges. The early sharing of information related to goods in EasyBrexit will enable cross border automated port controls, thus making possible the reduction of physical inspections.” As soon as information on the goods is known to the carrier, EasyBrexit confidentially shares stakeholders’ data involved in the transport and logistics chain between Great Britain and the European Community points of entry. This will enable customs services to operate mandatory requirements in a digital environment that facilitates the free movement of goods in a secure manner, he said.

General manager and chairman of the Soget  management board, Hervé Cornède, added: “With the main ports of Normandy and the Hauts-de-France already equipped with our tech solutions, Soget turns the anxiety about future Brexit obligations into strategic opportunities thanks to our new, neutral community platform for secure information exchange.”

Hervé Cornède added that, for veterinary and phytosanitary controls, Soget, the French customs, the Food Directorate (DGAL) and all the professionals of the Seine Axis already use paperless documentation for controlled goods, adding: “With EasyBrexit, the frontier veterinary and phytosanitary inspection service (SIVEP) will be systematised for all cross-Channel flows. Soget and its supply chain partners have teamed-up with their counterparts in southern England to ensure that the EasyBrexit solution operates with information systems and helps provide logistics efficiency to port communities on both sides of the Channel.

Soget In has also teamed up with Microsoft to offer predictive analysis and artificial intelligence to offer more advanced targeting of cross-border traffic.

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