Remember, remember the fifth of November – Multimodal Brexit seminar

The next Multimodal Connect webinar will take place on 5 November on the subject of Brexit - the Tactics : Quick Wins, Tricks of the Trade and Mitigation.With the prospect of a last minute Brexit deal still hanging by a thread, importers and exporters are still unsure as to what measures they will need to have in place. Many will be planning for both scenarios – but many still have ... [+]

Firms stockpile ahead of Brexit

Brexit is already impacting the freight market with many companies stockpiling goods in the UK in preparation for delays at the border in early January 2021, reports forwarder Woodland in its latest bulletin. Demand is expected to continue to increase prior to the end of the transition period on 31 ... [+]

Updated – More tweaks for Northern Ireland trade?

The government proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol that will govern customs checks on goods moving to or from the province after Brexit in the Internal Markets Bill published on 9 September. In contrast with the earlier agreement with the European Union, the new bill proposes that there would be ... [+]

Ports welcome fast-track planning for Brexit

The British Ports Association has welcomed a new Special Development Order for key council areas that will fast track the planning processes for Brexit-related border infrastructure at and around ports. However, it warns that there is still a lot to be done in a short time. BPA chief executive, Richard Ballantyne ... [+]

Freight industry calls for Brexit breathing-space – updated

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is calling for the government to request an implementation period for whatever Brexit agreement is reached, to enable the industry to adopt and adapt to new trading practices with the EU – including implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Following his participation at the House of ... [+]

No progress in Brexit talks

The third round of Brexit trade talks between the UK and EU made little progress in mid-May after they restarted via video link, with both sides blaming each other for the lack of progress. EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and UK chief negotiator David Frost admitted that there had been little ... [+]

Brexit talks restart

The third round of Brexit trade talks between the UK and EU are to restart via video link ahead of a third round summit in June, the BBC reports. A fourth round of talks is scheduled to begin on 1 June and both sides are due to decide by the end ... [+]

Exporters could face paperwork mountain, warns forwarder

A customs entry for each shipment to the EU could take an hour-and-three-quarters to complete under Boris Johnson’s now ‘paused’ draft EU withdrawal agreement, says director of Leeds forwarder Tudor International Freight, Adam Johnson. He said the customs declaration form UK companies would have to provide for every consignment shipped to ... [+]

Exit decs needed for Ulster-UK cargo, says Brexit minister

Exit summary declarations will be needed for goods being exported from Northern Ireland to the UK mainland under the government's latest plans, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has told the Lords Exiting the EU committee, the BBC reports. It would appear to contradict earlier government assurances that the trade would be ... [+]

Be prepared, but don’t panic, Gothenburg boss tells traders

The port of Gotherburg in Sweden says it is sending out a message to the country's exporters, telling them that the must be ensure that goods are ready for customs clearance before they reach the port terminals. “If an exporter does not have everything in place, they won't get in ... [+]

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