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Brexit costs UK £9bn in lost exports, says ParcelHero

[ May 5, 2022   //   ]

Brexit has cost the UK £9bn in lost exports, says ParcelHero. This has negated pro-leave campaigners claims that leaving the EU would allow £350m a week extra spending on the NHS; quitting the Union has meant that there is in fact is £173m a week less available to the health service.

Parcelhero head of consumer research, David Jinks says that the broker has studied the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) data and compared the UK Government’s annual contributions to the EU versus lost EU exports. He said: “Examining data for 2018, the last year before pre-Brexit preparations skewed data, and comparing it with 2021 figures, far from bringing in £350m a week to lavish on the NHS, the UK as a whole is £9bn out of pocket.”

He argued that the UK Government’s net contribution to the EU, taking into account rebates and payments was £11bn in 2018. However, the ONS reported that UK exports of goods to the EU fell by -£20bn in 2021, compared with 2018.