Think you can increase US sales? Think, again, warns parcels expert

Britain may be looking to the US as its target market in a post-Brexit world, but trading with that country has it problems too, says David Jinks, head of consumer research at parcels brokerage Parcelhero. The US is imposing duties of 25% on traditional British goods such as clothing and whisky as part of its ongoing dispute with the European Union over subsidies to plan-maker Airbus. Jinks says: “President Trump has just ... [+]

Christmas 2019 could be cancelled, says parcels expert

ParcelHero head of consumer research, David Jinks warns that next year’s Christmas could be cancelled if there is a no deal Brexit. He says: “I don’t want to sound like the Grinch; but if we experience a hard Brexit, the red tape and unanticipated duties to pay on gifts from ... [+]

Don’t panic?

The Government published a series of technical notices’ advising what steps would be taken in the event of a so-called ‘No deal’ Brexit next March – apparently a move to reassure business that it had matters in hand, though having the opposite effect on many people. The papers, which covered a ... [+]

Chancellor’s VAT plans are minefield, warns ParcelHero

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s proposed VAT reforms for online retailers could open a can of worms, says David Jinks head of consumer research at express freight broker, ParcelHero. His proposal to tax digital businesses’ revenues rather than profits in his Spring Statement in mid-March would put the UK at odds with other ... [+]

Brexit ‘would push up parcels costs’ says report

Duties, border delays and transport costs will make EU-based smaller companies reluctant to trade with the UK following Brexit, says a new report by parcel broker, ParcelHero. According to Delivering Brexit, 66% of ParcelHero’s customers who regularly ship items to European non-EU countries, such as Switzerland and Norway, say they would ... [+]

‘Ugly freight could lose out from FedEx takeover’

FedEx’s take-over of TNT Express could mean less choice and increased costs and transit times for shippers of large and heavy items, warns David Jinks, head of consumer research at brokers ParcelHero. He says that TNT has made ‘ugly freight’ a speciality “and has significantly greater flexibility on the size of ... [+]

Don’t let the customs man ruin your Christmas

Failure to give enough information about parcels sent beyond the EU caused an average delay of over 11 days at Customs last Christmas, says international courier ParcelHero. In fact, 12% of all gifts shipped beyond the EU missed the festive deadline last year, either because they were sent too late or ... [+]

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