Challenges mount for British traders, says ParcelHero

Britain’s beleaguered importers and exporters are facing some of the most significant challenges of all businesses, says broker ParcelHero. The Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) Business Insights survey revealed that 41% of companies trading overseas reported significant challenges, particularly rising transport costs with 29.6% of importers and 25.4% of exporters citing them as their main concern for December compared to the previous month. Importers have also told ParcelHero that proof ... [+]

Top tips to avoid export headaches

ParcelHero has compiled five ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for exporters in 2023. The list of ‘dos’ from the parcels broker are: Make the most of the over 70 free trade agreements the UK now has in place, from Albania to Vietnam, including a £38.8bn deal with Switzerland and a £20bn agreement with Canada. ... [+]

Airfreight prices on the way down, but don’t hold your breath

ParcelHero predicts that airfreight rates will continue to fall for the first half of 2023, while ocean transport rates will also continue to sink. Head of consumer research for the parcel broker, David Jinks said: ‘International airfreight rates are, to be blunt, all over the place. Rates between East Asia and Europe ... [+]

Shed bulk to gain pounds, urges parcel broker

The use of ‘volumetric’ weight to determine the cost of shipments give rise to the most complaints by overseas package shippers, according to new research ParcelHero. The broker says that instead of simply charging on the actual weight of a package, international carriers bill items based on the combined size and ... [+]

The plummeting pound: look on the bright side, says ParcelHero

As the pound freefalls to near parity with the US dollar, the silver lining is that British-made goods are now cheaper in the US, says head of consumer research at ParcelHero. Following Chancellor Kwarteng's mini-budget, the pound tumbled to its lowest value against the dollar in almost 50 years. While ... [+]

Logistics facing perfect storm in summer of discontent – updated

Head of consumer research at ParcelHero, David Jinks is warning that the logistics industry is facing a “perfect storm” with dock, rail and postal workers and even Amazon operatives staging industrial action over the summer. He said: “It’s estimated that the port strike alone will disrupt trade worth up to £700m ... [+]

Brexit costs UK £9bn in lost exports, says ParcelHero

Brexit has cost the UK £9bn in lost exports, says ParcelHero. This has negated pro-leave campaigners claims that leaving the EU would allow £350m a week extra spending on the NHS; quitting the Union has meant that there is in fact is £173m a week less available to the health ... [+]

End of Covid rules and Brexit take their toll on couriers

Over 15,000 transport and logistics companies failed in the first quarter of 2022 – 75% more than last year, says online delivery specialist, ParcelHero, quoting the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It said that the end of Covid lockdowns has reduced the need for courier and home ... [+]

Firms reshore as supply chain problems multiply

A Government Office for National Statistics report has admitted that supply chains are breaking down and stock levels are plummeting in the wake of Brexit and Covid and the Suez canal blockage, says ParcelHero.   However, it adds that the problems could result in ‘reshoring’ and bringing manufacturing back to the ... [+]

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Brexit Multiverse of Madness

Claims by new Brexit opportunities minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, says that the UK’s departure from the EU is already a success and that there is little evidence that it has caused trade to fall are wide of the mark, says ParcelHero. ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks said that Mogg “appears ... [+]

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