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Brexit white paper ‘imminent’

[ May 16, 2018   //   ]

The government is promising a “significant” White Paper on its Brexit position ahead of ahead of June’s EU summit, according to the BBC website.

It will include detailed explanations of the UK’s positions in a number of key areas, including aviation, financial services and fisheries, although the report makes no specific mention of customs issues. The latter has been the subject of some controversy, with the prime minister’s preferred solution of a customs partnership with the EU strongly criticised by Brexiteers including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Labour was reported as saying that it was deeply disturbing that ministers still cannot agree on fundamental Brexit issues.

According to the report, the paper could pave the way for actual negotiations with the EU to start.

At a seminar at Multimodal on 2 May, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said that businesses needed to plan for a worst-case scenario after Brexit with no transition period, the UK excluded from EU trade deals, duties, quotas, burdensome rules of origin and delays at borders. Head of European policy Pauline Bastidon told the gathering that the Irish Government says it wants to see real tangible progress at the Council meeting in June, and that EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier had warned that no withdrawal agreement will be reached with the UK if there is no solution to the Irish border issue.

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