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Campaigners call on Vietnam Airlines to give up monkey business

[ March 2, 2017   //   ]

Cruelty Free International is calling on Vietnam Airlines to reinstate its embargo on shipments of monkeys for the research industry. The campaign group says that it has obtained information that the carrier transported at least four shipments of monkeys to Russia during 2016, despite its announcement of a ban in 2013.

CFI says that airlines play a key role in transporting monkeys from countries such as Vietnam, Mauritius, China and Cambodia. The monkeys are torn from their family groups, packed into small wooden crates and travel as cargo, on extremely long journeys to research laboratories around the world – some of them dying in transit, it says.

CFI says that, thanks its campaigning, many of the world’s flag including American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, Air Canada and China Airlines have ended their involvement in the trade.


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