Airlines urged to stand firm over lab animal legal challenge

Animal protectors Cruelty Free International is urging British Airways, United Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Qatar Airways to stand firm and maintain their policies not to transport laboratory animals afterthe National Association of Biomedical Research (NABR) lodged a formal complaint with the US Department of Transport (DoT) against them. The NABR complaint claims that the four airlines are ‘discriminating’ against animal researchers by refusing to transport animals for this purpose while ... [+]

Activists renew call to end monkey flights

Cruelty Free International has renewed its call on Royal Jordanian Airlines to stop transporting monkeys destined for laboratories, saying it had contacted by a member of staff at Bangkok Airport about hundreds of the creatures in small wooden crates being flown from Thailand to the US by the airline. The ... [+]

Campaigners call on Vietnam Airlines to give up monkey business

Cruelty Free International is calling on Vietnam Airlines to reinstate its embargo on shipments of monkeys for the research industry. The campaign group says that it has obtained information that the carrier transported at least four shipments of monkeys to Russia during 2016, despite its announcement of a ban in ... [+]

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