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Carbon emissions? Wake up and smell the coffee

[ August 18, 2023   //   ]

We’re all striving to be as ‘green’ as possible these days, but few companies take things to such lengths as Swiss coffee manufacturer Atinkana and its forwarding partner, Austrian-owned, Gebrüder Weiss.

Not only does it cultivate its coffee plants in Colombia in a natural cycle, with hardly any emissions thanks to manual harvesting and processing and plants two trees for every kilo of coffee but the harvested coffee beans make the 8,500-kilometer journey by sailing ship across the Atlantic to Amsterdam, then by truck to Antwerp and subsequently by rail to Basel. From there, Gebrüder Weiss delivers them to the coffee roasting plant using its hydrogen truck.

It takes two sailing ships about 10 weeks to transport the coffee to Europe so shipments are limited to 14 tons once a year.