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Customs hold-up – updated

[ June 18, 2015   //   ]

There has been a delay in publishing legislation on the EU’s new Union Customs Code, BIFA reports. A Customs Business Group meeting was told on 5 June that texts have yet to clear Commission Inter-Services Consultation. This in turn is likely to delay a vote on the implementing act and the new laws will not appear in the Official Journal as Regulations before late September at the earliest.
Delays will squeeze customs timetable, warns BIFA
BIFA adds that it is concerned at the continued delays to the legislation and conflicting information from Brussels. The new legislation aims to usher in the automation and provide a common platform for all customs procedures throughout the EU.
BIFA understands that the Anti-Fraud unit (Olaf) and DG Budget had issues over some of the content of the draft legislation which could lead to changes which will impact on trade. The Commission’s legal services team had also insisted on changes to the wording and structure, although this will not impact on the content.
BIFA understands that the Inter-Services Consultation has been completed and that the final versions of the UCC IA/DA are likely to be circulated to stakeholders in early July.
However, says BIFA: “It is very regrettable that the recent delays will reduce an already tight time frame for trade and national governments to implement the changes required under the UCC.”
BIFA director general, Robert Keen, added: “The Commission expects the internal formal endorsement of the Implementing and Delegating Acts during the last meeting of the College of Commissioners before the summer break, after which the European Parliament and the Council would have two months to give their agreements.
“The Commission has said that it plans to finalise the procedure of adoption by the end of September this year, and BIFA certainly hopes it keeps to that schedule.”

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