Work on Ulster border control posts ‘halted’

Northern Ireland's agriculture minister Gordon Lyons has ordered officials to stop work on new permanent border control posts for food and agricultural goods and has called for a halt to staff recruitment, the BBC reports. Existing temporary BCPs will continue to operate. Stormont ministers have requested an emergency meeting of the NI Executive over the move. Mr Lyons said says he is responding to "practical difficulties" caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol. Earlier in ... [+]

New customs rules for South Africa

Manifest details for all containerised cargo arriving in South Africa will need to be reported to the South African Revenue Service no later than 24 hours prior to container loading 20 April. The new regulation applies to containerized cargo discharged at South African ports, including all transshipment cargo.   [+]

Chancellor’s VAT plans are minefield, warns ParcelHero

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s proposed VAT reforms for online retailers could open a can of worms, says David Jinks head of consumer research at express freight broker, ParcelHero. His proposal to tax digital businesses’ revenues rather than profits in his Spring Statement in mid-March would put the UK at odds with other ... [+]

Serbia joins Common Transit system

Serbia has joined the EU-EFTA common transit procedure and the convention on the simplification of formalities in trade of goods. Common transit operations with Serbia and the the EU, the EFTA countries, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey will begin on 1 February 2016. The rules are effectively ... [+]

Customs hold-up – updated

There has been a delay in publishing legislation on the EU's new Union Customs Code, BIFA reports. A Customs Business Group meeting was told on 5 June that texts have yet to clear Commission Inter-Services Consultation. This in turn is likely to delay a vote on the implementing act ... [+]

In-depth customs info at Multimodal

Peter MacSwiney , chairman of freight software company ASM will lead a one-hour Knowledge Lounge Tutorial at this year's Multiimodal show in Birmingham NEC on Tuesday 29April at 12:30. This tutorial will include “valuable information” to help freight forwarders navigate customs processes and procedures, and successfully comply with legislation. The tutorials ... [+]

Customs tariff goes online

Freight software firm ASM is to launch an integrated Customs Tariff Viewer at the coming Multimodal show in Birmingham in late April as part of the latest update to its Sequoia customs declaration software. ASM says this makes Sequoia the first and only software solution to provide a complete, fully-searchable ... [+]

Customs sieze illegal diesel, cigs and vodka

A joint customs operation in Lithuania and other EU member states seized almost 45 million smuggled cigarettes, nearly 140,000 litres of diesel fuel – much of it in the UK - and about 14,000 litres of Vodka, the European Commission reported. The Operation code-named 'Warehouse' was carried-out in October 2013 ... [+]

From oh, no no no to ho ho ho

Freight software specialist ASM says it has “saved Christmas” with a new module designed to help importers cope with Customs' new LVBI (Low Value Bulked Imports) procedures. These mainly affect items worth between £15 and £135, which covers many of the goods bought online, and which now have to be ... [+]

Russia wants single Eurasian transit system

Russian Customs says it plans to work with other Russian authorities, Belarus and Kazakhstan towards a single transit system in Euraasia, reports Finnish logistics specialist, Nurminen. The Russian customs service also plans to open negotiations with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) on updating the TIR Convention. On 29 November ... [+]

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