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Customs tariff goes online

[ February 25, 2014   //   ]

Freight software firm ASM is to launch an integrated Customs Tariff Viewer at the coming Multimodal show in Birmingham in late April as part of the latest update to its Sequoia customs declaration software. ASM says this makes Sequoia the first and only software solution to provide a complete, fully-searchable electronic customs tariff, combining all the visual benefits of the traditional paper tariff with the advantages of searchable electronic media. It is also available as a stand-alone product.

The traditional three-volume paper tariff weighs 12 kilos – hardly green – and searching it takes a lot of patience, says ASM, while monthly updates involve swapping out lots of pages.

ASM says its Customs Tariff Viewer offers same layout, look and feel as the printed tariff but now searching is easy, it updates automatically, and importantly it ‘lives’ on a desktop where it’s always accessible. As well as being freely downloadable, the Customs Tariff Viewer is offered as a stand-alone product available to anyone, ASM customer or not.

Customs Tariff data is supplied directly to ASM from Customs and Sequoia fetches data from a central server on demand, ensuring that it is always up-to-date and the most accurate available.

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