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Davies recommends third Heathrow runway – now the real battle begins

[ July 1, 2015   //   ]

The Airports Commission has come out in favour of a third Heathrow runway as the solution to air capacity in south-east England. However, it would come at the price of a ban on night flights, which would preclude many freighter operators from taking advantage of the increased capacity.
The report by Sir Howard Davies’s also called for restrictions to reduce the environmental and noise effects.
However, the new Heathrow runway would face considerable political oppostion, with many Tory heavyweights including the Prime Minister, who has made clear his opposition to the idea in the past. London Mayor Boris Johnson is also vehemently opposed to the idea.
Sir Howard said in his report that a second runway at Gatwick would also be a feasible option but the smaller airport would provide fewer connectivity benefits.

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