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ECS and Containerships to cooperate

[ February 6, 2015   //   ]

Intermodal and shipping operators European Containers (ECS) Containerships are to enter into a cooperation agreement from this month (February 2015). It will include the two partners’ networks with greater geographic coverage. They also plan to realise sysnergy in land transport, by combining import and export flows in the UK and Ireland and continental Europe, significantly cutting CO2 emissions in the process. Common container pool will ensure better availability and reduced empty positioning cost, say the lines.

At sales and customer service level there will be common representation, starting with ECS being appointed as agent of Containerships in Italy from 14 February.

Containerships chief operating officer, Frédéric Leca, said: “We serve different transport corridors but both have a strong presence in Western Europe. Together we aim for a great deal of synergy, improving the European container transport network.”

ECS sales director, Bart van’t Hof, added: “Customers will see two companies act as one with a combined passion. We will complement business profiles in a seamless way without compromises, resulting in more sustainable and efficient transportation.”


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