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EU exit would leave trade unscathed, argues freight software chief

[ May 21, 2013   //   ]

A UK exit from the European Union could have less impact on trade than might be supposed, argues Peter MacSwiney, chairman of ASM, providers of software and support to the freight industry.

With a debate currently raging within the Conservative party on an EU referendum, MacSwiney says: “The common counter argument to the ‘out’ lobby is that Europe is the UK’s biggest trading partner. Will that end if we leave a European State? No, of course it won’t.”

There will always be trade between the UK and Europe, and if the UK leaves the EU to avoid “ludicrous legislation”, trade will remain, and it will not be noticeably less free than at the moment, he argues: “Outside of scare tactics about the impact of leaving the EU, there’s no such thing as free trade – everything imported or exported to or through the EU needs customs entry such as value, weight and tariff – so what changes?”

MacSwiney states: “Increasingly, the response to the ‘in or out’ question is the UK should get out. From a legislation perspective few in the freight industry would argue. Then again, our government appears just as capable of coming up with senseless laws as the EU. That’s why we must retain a clear focus on trade.

“I voted to join the EEC to trade with Europe, I did not vote to be governed by ill-advised laws invented by unelected bureaucrats. That’s why the in or out question should change to: ‘Remain in the EU to have laws and legislation imposed on us’ or: ‘Remain a member of an Economic Community to facilitate trade?’”

MacSwiney adds: “Leaving the EU will focus on trade that benefits the UK, not laws invented by EU Commissioners focused on legislation. The UK Government must stop wasting time debating one question when they should ask two. And when they do the answer will be unequivocal – trade with Europe to build UK business and leave an unelected, legislation-focused EU.”

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