EU extends Ukraine road agreement

The EU and Ukraine are to extend and update their current road transport agreement. First signed in June 2022 following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the agreement has substantially increased trade by road between Ukraine and the EU, to the benefit of both economies. The agreement has been prolonged until 30 June 2025, with tacit renewal for another period of six months, unless one of the parties disagrees and has evidence ... [+]

EU reveals ICS2 details

The European Union has revealed details of the third phase of its Import Control System 2 (ICS2), which will  extend new import processes to shipping, inland waterways, road and rail in the EU from 3 June. Under ICS2, which already applies to airfreight, carriers will be required to provide data on goods ... [+]

EU launches air bridge to Goma

The EU has launched a humanitarian air bridge operation to Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is organising flights from Europe, carrying materials, including health and nutrition supplies to Nairobi, from where the supplies are transported to Goma. The first two flights arrived in Goma on ... [+]

First stage of Mombasa highway opened

Kenyan President William Ruto has inaugurated the first section of an upgraded 560km highway along East Africa’s Northern corridor. It is being built as part of a wider EU package of support to create 11 strategic transport corridors across Africa under the €150 billion Global Gateway EU-Africa Investment Package. The ... [+]

Transporters must declare goods movements within Europe

New rules came into force on 1 February requiring transport operators to declare if they are transporting goods inside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It applies to HGVs, vans or trailers including trailers towed by cars and to cabotage journeys (loading goods in one of these countries and unloading ... [+]

Brussels signs air deal with Beijing

The European Union and China signed an aviation agreement on 20 May. All EU airlines would be able to fly to China from any EU Member State with a bilateral air services agreement with China under which unused traffic rights are available. Up until now, only airlines owned and controlled ... [+]

Soyabeans deal brings transatlantic trade truce

The US and EU reached kissed and made up in their trade war at a meeting between US President Donald Trump and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington on 25 July. President Trump agreed not to impose tariffs on car imports for Europe in exchange for a deal that would ... [+]

EU signs ‘historic’ Japan trade deal

The EU and Japan signed an Economic Partnership Agreement on 17 July described as the largest trade agreement ever negotiated by the EU and widely seen asthrowing down the gauntlet to US president Donald Trump and his protectionist policies. It will remove the vast majority of the €1 billion of ... [+]

EU to sign Japan free trade pact

In an apparent rebuke to anti-globalisation politicians such as Donald Trump and pro-Brexit factions in the UK, EU and Japan said on 6 July that they were poised to sign an historic free trade agreement. The deal, endorsed by Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe and EU leaders should open up ... [+]

More Brexit reaction from the freight industry

We stand firm in our belief that the UK’s supply chain will be deeply affected by the referendum outcome, as it’s always relied on an efficient international logistics network. Jobs, trade and investment are all likely to be impacted...Like every other company, we must now take stock of what’s happened ... [+]

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