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Forwarder on a mission to Mars

[ February 2, 2024   //   ]

Freight forwarders often say that their rivals are on a different planet but in the case of Austria’s Gebrüder Weiss it was literally true for a couple of days in late January.  

As the official logistics partner of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), it turned its Maria Lanzendorf location into a test site for the Mars Analog Mission AMADEE-24 from January 26 to 28. The research team and the Analog astronauts carried out a comprehensive dress rehearsal with equipment and the scientific experiments for the Mission.

And, on Sunday, January 28, there was a special open house event: Science, Space Travel, and the Future Of Mobility – for the company’s employees and their families.

AMADEE-24 is the most complex Mars Analog Mission to date. During the dress rehearsal, the OeWF tests to ensure that both the astronauts and equipment are fit for a one-month mission in complete isolation. Last weekend, visitors enjoyed a live experience, watching how scientists work, seeing how difficult it is to put on a spacesuit, and even what an astronaut’s watch needs to be like to withstand the extreme conditions in outer space.

The one-month Mars simulation will take place in the desert region around Armash, Armenia, in March. Logistics plays an important role in implementing the project. Gebrüder Weiss will bring the sensitive equipment from Maria Lanzendorf to Armenia, taking care of safely packing spacesuits, rovers and drones, as well as managing customs clearance and delivery of the goods.

The trip from Austria to the final destination in the Armenian desert starts in early February and the transport back in May will also be handled by Gebrüder Weiss.