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France looks to impose minimum wage for cabotage drivers

[ February 17, 2015   //   ]

France looks set to follow Germany in imposing a minimum wage for foreign drivers on its territory. The French National Assembly said on 15 February that it planned to adopt a measure imposing France’s minimum hourly wage of €9.61 for drivers involved in cabotage operations on its territory.

Germany introduced its controversial minimum wage rule on 1 January but has since announced a moratorium on the application of the law to long-distance truck drivers in transit. However, the German law applies to all types of transit journey, whereas the French law would apply to cabotage only.

Meanwhile, French secretary of state for transport, Alain Vidalies, said he would press the EU and other member states on the idea of setting up a European agency to coordinate checks on road freight transport, an idea first mooted by his predecessor, Frédéric Cuvillier, last spring.