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Friday is decision day says forwarder

[ April 8, 2019   //   ]

Leeds-based Tudor International Freight director Adam Johnson says that said an extension to the UK’s Article 50 process would be the best plausible major Brexit development this week for the country’s EU traders.

Prime Minister Theresa May has asked other EU heads of government to grant a further deferral of the UK’s withdrawal date to 30 June, when they meet in Brussels on Wednesday (10 April). She had, however, also requested the option to leave before then if a withdrawal agreement could be ratified earlier.

Mr Johnson said failure to agree such an extension would almost inevitably mean the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal, the legal default outcome, this Friday (12 April), which would prove chaotic and damaging for the country’s EU traders and its economy overall.

He warned however that granting the delay was not a formality, however.

The other 27 leaders would have to agree it unanimously “and there are increasing signs that at least some of them are now fed up with the UK Parliament’s inability to decide what it wants on the Brexit issue.

“This must mean there’s more chance than before of them simply deciding to cut us adrift, despite the damage a no-deal Brexit would do to their economies, as well as ours, and the problems it would create over the Irish border, for example.”