Don’t get complacent over Brexit, warns Tudor boss

Leeds-based Tudor International Freight boss Adam Johnson is warning traders not to drop their guard over preparations for a no-deal Brexit despite  despite apparent setbacks to the government’s plans in the past few days. He says that businesses should maintain their contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit, time-consuming and expensive though these could be. He said: “Even in the absence of a General Election, a UK departure without a withdrawal agreement could ... [+]

Political saga is ‘hitting business’

Director of Leeds-based Tudor International Freight Adam Johnson warns that the Conservative leadership contest could damage business. The race to succeed Theresa May would waste much of the additional time granted by the EU for the UK to agree a way forward on Brexit, when it extended the Article 50 ... [+]

Friday is decision day says forwarder

Leeds-based Tudor International Freight director Adam Johnson says that said an extension to the UK’s Article 50 process would be the best plausible major Brexit development this week for the country’s EU traders. Prime Minister Theresa May has asked other EU heads of government to grant a further deferral of the ... [+]

Brexit tariff plan is a mixed bag, says forwarder

Leeds-based Tudor International Freight director Adam Johnson has described the government’s the government’s proposed temporary tariff regime in the event of a no-deal Brexit as “a mixed bag” for traders. He says that maintaining current zero tariffs on all imports from the EU would mean that, under World Trade Organisation rules ... [+]

Tudor Freight boss calls for Brexit delay

Director of Leeds-based Tudor International Freight, Adam Johnson, has joined calls for the Article 50 period to be extended in the interests of the UK’s traders With fewer than 70 days to go before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, he says it is becoming impossible to see how ... [+]

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