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Hazcheck includes port data

[ May 4, 2018   //   ]

The Hazcheck Restrictions Portal for dangerous goods shipments now includes port restrictions.  It is designed to simplify DG booking processes, taking account also of carrier, ship and partner line restrictions.

Supported by the two insurance mutual TT Club and UK P&I Club and developed with the in-house IT expertise of Exis Technologies, the Hazcheck Restrictions Portal is now urging container lines, ports and terminals to upload their DG handling policies and restrictions into the portal free of charge so that they can be accessed by shippers, forwarders and others involved in the movement of such goods.

TT Club’s risk management director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox commented: “Some ships will have in excess of a thousand DG containers on any voyage. As recent incidents of on-board fires have shown, the cocktail of DG can have catastrophic effects.  All supply chain stakeholders benefit from improving clarity for carriage by sea; the most urgent need is for the port/terminal community to commit to upload and maintain the relevant data via the Exis portal.”

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