New finance chief for TT Club

EeLain Ong has taken over as chief financial officer (CFO) of international freight transport and logistics insurer TT Club. Appointed in April 2022, she has shadowed outgoing CFO Julian Chowdhury prior to his retirement. In addition to roles at insurance providers, Ong also had experiences as a regulator,  an auditor, and an M&A corporate financier. [+]

Insurer calls for vigilance as lithium battery shipments surge

Freight transport insurer TT Club is calling for increased vigilance after a spate of fires involving lithium batteries in seafreight. With the number of consumer products using such batteries increasing exponentially and new restrictions on the airfreight for such goods coming into force on 1 April, greater volumes are being ... [+]

How to avoid unwanted guests

International freight transport insurer TT Club has produced a series of animated videos highlighting the risks of pests taking unwelcomed rides in cargo. The four clips feature how the route taken by a road transport vehicle can affect cleanliness, as well as how mud and vegetation can harbour invasive pests, ... [+]

Container firefighting system takes top safety award

Viking Life-Saving Equipment’s HydroPen onboard container fire-fighting system won the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award at a virtual presentation ceremony on 22 February. PSA International and Cargotec Sweden AB were highly commended. HydroPen enables fires to be attended by the ship’s crew from a safe distance and the judges were ... [+]

Wet summers riskier to cargo than winter, says insurer

The wet European summer, not the depths of winter is when cargo is at greater risk from weather events, according to analysis by logistics insurance specialist TT Club. It says that extreme flooding across broad swathes of continental Europe during July and August 2021 has become a major risk to cargo, ... [+]

TT Club brings cargo theft to life

Insurance provider TT Club has launched a series of animations to highlight dangers in the supply chain. The seven animations illustrate in graphic form a variety of theft techniques including driver attacks, impersonating personnel, exploiting inadequate perimeter fencing and theft from moving vehicles. TT Club’s managing director of loss prevention, Mike ... [+]

Abandoned cargo – understand the risks

Insurers the TT Club has issued a StopLoss document to provide practical guidance on abandoned cargo. It says that the potential for disaster from the deterioration of abandoned cargo cannot be disregarded while considerable costs also arise from container demurrage, detention, storage and disposal and goods are often abandoned at ... [+]

A containership fire every week, says TT Club

TT Club says the X-Press Pearl’s containership incident off Colombo is the latest in a disappointing recent and persistent catalogue of container ship fires, which occur almost weekly, the vast majority of them started by hazardous cargo. One estimate puts the number of mis- or undeclared dangerous cargoes in excess ... [+]

Supply Chain Risk II

International transport insurer TT Club has produced a second series of its podcast giving  guidance to operators on managing their protection against theft and fraud. In Series 2 of its successful podcast, TT Live, risk management experts discuss current trends in criminal activity that target cargo in transit and storage. ... [+]

Insurer warns of Suez knock-on

Insurers TT Club is warning that the Suez Canal will have knock-on effects on liner shipping for many weeks to come. It says that while the Canal is now functioning normally again, a reported 300 ships have been delayed awaiting transit, many others were re-routed via the longer passage around ... [+]

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