Covid-19 – TT Club has the answers

International freight insurer TT Club has set up a dedicated Coronavirus webpage, including risk briefings and alerts, as well as a set of frequently asked questions. It says that the diverse governmental responses around the globe have created a variable demand for goods, complex regulatory structures, and significantly changed trade patterns. The Club adds that there is likely to be more abandoned low-value cargoes in containers, either delayed in transit or for ... [+]

Backlogged cargo is at risk, warns insurer

Insurance group the TT Club is warning of the risks from the accumulation of cargo in warehouses, port terminals and inland depots. These are primarily non-essential products, for which there is little demand as retail outlets are closed or supplies for production lines that are either static or at reduced ... [+]

Food thieves target truckers

Trucks continue to bear the brunt of cargo crime, says insurer the TT Club in its second annual report on worldwide cargo theft, published in conjunction with supply chain intelligence specialist, BSI. Top commodities stolen were food and beverages representing 28% of all reported thefts in comparison with 19% in 2018. TT ... [+]

Cargo handlers publish safety paper

Insurers the TT Club, the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEM) and cargo handling organisation ICHCA have produced an information paper on preventing collisions at ports and terminals. They say that there is increasing amount of non-contact technology that can dramatically improve equipment safety and reduce risk associated with container handling. However, many of these are ... [+]

TT Club welcomes crackdown on rogue shippers

The TT Club has welcomed moves by a number of container lines to discourage shippers from mis-declaring hazardous cargoes, following a spate of container ship fires in recent months. The international transport insurer says it has growing concerns about the lax cargo packing practices and erroneous, sometimes fraudulent, declaration of cargoes. ... [+]

Hammering home the safety message in Hamburg

The TT Club will be taking its safer shipping message to the  Global Liner Shipping Conference in Hamburg on 14-15 May. It will continue its mission to improve the poor safety conditions that afflict the shipping of hazardous materials with the Club’s risk management director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox joining with global law ... [+]

Peers joins the Club

TT Club has appointed Andrew Peers as senior underwriter for its UK, Benelux and Nordic team. He joins the Club from RSA, where he spent 17 years and led a team of 12 marine liability and marine property insurance underwriters. [+]

New guidelines for polymer shipping

The Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), the International Group of P&I Clubs and the TT Club have published industry guidelines for the carriage of Divinylbenzene (DVB) in containers. DVB is prone to polymerization (a form of self-reaction) and can generate heat and flammable gas. Following a number of incidents at ... [+]

UK’s Louis Perrin takes Young Forwarder title

Louis Perrin of Hemisphere Freight in the UK was named Young International Freight Forwarder at the FIATA Annual Congress in New Delhi, India this week. He was joined by the three other regional finalists Tjaka Segooa (South Africa), Kendyl Baptiste (Canada) and Sarah Skrypec (Australia). Mike Yarwood  Senior Loss Prevention Executive ... [+]

Container transport: the next 25 years

Freight transport insurer TT Club has published a report summarising the thoughts of industry leaders on what the future holds for the container industry over the next 25 years to mark its 50th anniversary. Published in conjunction with global management consulting firm McKinsey, ‘Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043’, ... [+]

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