Chaos and confusion are recipe for theft, warns insurer

Transport insurer TT Club says that a more systemic approach to warehousing could reduce freight thefts. It says that analysis of past claims shows that risks to goods where warehouses are confused and disorganised and that inventory management should be paramount. TT’s Josh Finch said: “Inventory management often runs quietly in the background until something goes wrong. Small issues can quickly turn into large and costly errors if they are not ... [+]

TT Club joins truck parking group

Freight insurer TT Club has joined the Department for Transport (DfT) Task and Finish Group (TFG) to raise standards and increase capacity of truck parking in the UK. The TFG’s brief includes mapping of highest crime locations across the last four years including violent crimes against drivers and exploring greater ... [+]

TT Club offers toolkit to tweak ESG policy

Freight insurer TT Club has produced a toolkit to help transport companies develop a Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) policies. It provides signposts to strategies and solutions to challenges such as emissions calculation, reduction and reporting. The toolkit will develop over time to build a resource base of success stories of ... [+]

Inflation spurs food theft

Inflation is driving freight crime, says TT Club and BSI Screen Intelligence in their Annual Cargo Theft Report for 2023, published on 11 April. The rise in food and beverages as a stolen commodity, from 16% to 24% of the total is one such indicator, they say. The trends include an increase ... [+]

TT Club seeks resilient supply chain talent

TT Club is once again sponsoring the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Region Young Supply Chain Resilience Professional of the Year Award in 2024. To enter, applicants must produce a 1,500-word submission on an innovative cargo security or supply chain resilience initiative they have developed or ... [+]

TT Club risk director to retire

TT Club global risk assessment director Laurence Jones is to retire after 50 years, the last 18 of them with the cargo handling insurance specialist. Based in Sydney, he has consistently championed safety in the port and terminal industry to assist the TT membership, and the industry at large. Prior ... [+]

TT Club to tackle falls from height

International freight transport and cargo handling insurance specialist TT Club is warning of them danger of falling from height, an often unavoidable danger in the transport, port and logistics industries. Continuing with its series of TT Briefs aimed at simplifying complex risk issues by providing easily digestible information and guidance, TT ... [+]

These supply chain experts belong behind bars

The criminal supply chain uses the same components as the legitimate one, from route planning to warehousing, with stolen goods marketed and sold using legitimate platforms to unsuspecting buyers, says freight insurance provider TT Club. It says that much freight crime is perpetrated by organised crooks who aim to make a ... [+]

Don’t be an unwitting fence says TT Club

Freight insurance specialist TT Club is urging procurement managers to be more vigilant in ensuring that they are not unwitting receivers of stolen property. It says they should check the provenance of all incoming goods and ensure that documentation such as bills of sale, invoices and shipping records are present. They ... [+]

The dreaded nurdle

Shippers need to be aware of the environmental risks of transporting plastic pellets or ‘nurdles’, says freight insurer, TT Club. The tiny plastic nurdles measuring a few millimetres in diameter used to manufacturer most plastic products pose a threat to the marine environment if they are spilled into the sea or ... [+]

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