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HumberPort Launches Website

[ October 31, 2012   //   ]

Leading shipping and logistics organisations on the Humber have launched a website to promote the facilities and advantages of international trade through the Humber Port network;

Key stakeholders ABP, AbleUK, DFDS, Danbrit, EastTrans, RMS Group, Samskip and Tschudi are behind the HumberPort initiative, which meets and is administered through the University of Hull Logisitics Institute.

Bill Walker, Director of the University of Hull Knowledge Exchange and Interim Chair of HumberPort said, “The Humber Estuary is one of Europe’s prime development areas and the combined Humber ports provide a globally significant asset. It is in prime position as a major hub for manufacture and installation in the burgeoning offshore wind industry, being closer to the Round 3 zones in the North Sea than its major competitors. It has good infrastructure and is within easy reach of all parts of the Midlands and the North of the UK. With all of these advantages, leading ports-based businesses have come together to promote HumberPort’s benefits on the international stage.

“An important part of that work is the creation of a dynamic website that demonstrates the vibrancy of the partnership and the importance of the initiative. Identity Creation Business, who produced the website were introduced to us and I am delighted with the result of their endeavours. Richard and his team understood the brief and delivered with minimum fuss and maximum professionalism.”

Identity Creation Business (ICB)  who also created the HumberPort brand are shipping and logistics specialists with offices in Hull.

Development partner at ICB Richard Dunn said, “We are delighted to be commissioned to build the brand and global exposure of this important Humber initiative. includes a lot of useful facts about HumberPort infrastructure, the region’s natural development through a timeline and plenty of visual material, along with a short video showing the capabilities of the region. Each port in the region, transport road, rail, air, waterway networks and Stakeholders are featured so that global trading planners get a real understanding of the professionalism, up to date capabilities, the unique location of the Humber and its easy access to key UK and overseas markets. The site will continue to develop and profile new resources,” added Richard.

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