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Logistics needs migrant workers, says FTA

[ November 6, 2019   //   ]

It is crucial that businesses can continue to access non-UK workers, particularly when UK workers are not available to take up vacancies, said the Freight Transport Association in its response to the government’s call for evidence regarding the salary threshold for a future immigration policy. With unemployment at its lowest on record, the logistics industry is reliant on EEA workers to help support vital occupations such as LGV/van drivers, as well as warehouse workers.

FTA head of skills policy Sally Gilson said: “The government is focused on the £30,000 salary threshold for the employment of non-UK workers after Brexit and how this could impact businesses.  However, this ignores a greater hurdle for the logistics sector, which relies on EU workers to move the goods and services which UK PLC requires to operate. Even if the salary threshold recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee was to be reduced, businesses still would not be able to recruit non-UK workers within the proposed future immigration system as they may not meet the required Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) Level 3 threshold.

“Although being an LGV driver takes skill and requires significant knowledge regarding the regulations and legal requirements, officially this is a Level 2 qualification. Therefore, under government plans, whether a driver earns the salary threshold or not, they still will not be considered.”

FTA is calling for the the arbitrary salary and qualification standards to be scrapped.