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MEP is overnight sensation

[ April 26, 2018   //   ]

MEP and rapporteur on the driving and rest time Van de Camp and IRU general delegate Matthias Maedge spent the night in a truck cab, in a secure parking facility to highlight the urgent need to improve infrastructure in the run-up to the vote on the Mobility Package, which includes provisions to force drivers not to take rest in their vehicle cabs.

Matthias Maedge, said, “We spent the night in comfortable beds in our respective truck cabins and had access to all the conditions needed to start the day properly. This experience should not be a luxury for truck drivers but should be the norm across Europe. What we now need is a joint effort from the public and private sectors to develop more safe and secure parking areas that comply with well-defined standards across Europe’s core road transport network.”

MEP Van de Camp added, “Drivers should not be forced to take their rest outside of their trucks. However, sleeping in a truck can only be constituted as a good rest if done in a safe and secure parking facility. Drivers should be able to sleep at ease knowing that the truck is parked in a safe place and that adequate rest conditions, including the opportunity to shower and eat properly, are provided. It is our responsibility to ensure that more parking places with these conditions are built.”