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New report details UK’s squandered truck-hours

[ January 28, 2019   //   ]

A new report commissioned by the UK Major Ports Group says that trucks are needlessly losing over 50,000 truck hours a day to traffic bottlenecks on the country’s roads and railways.
It argues that focussing investment on just 2.4% of the road network and only seven out of 1,000 main rail junctions would cut total delays and plough an extra £14.2bn into the economy,
The Group is calling for Government action as Brexit looms
The report, developed by research company MDS Transmodal, found that a total of £14.2bn billion could be unlocked over 60 years by taking a ‘freight-first’ approach by giving freight a higher priority in UK transport planning and funding, identifying key capacity constraints and building in the benefits of trade through freight on a consistent basis in project appraisals.