New report details UK’s squandered truck-hours

A new report commissioned by the UK Major Ports Group says that trucks are needlessly losing over 50,000 truck hours a day to traffic bottlenecks on the country’s roads and railways. It argues that focussing investment on just 2.4% of the road network and only seven out of 1,000 main rail junctions would cut total delays and plough an extra £14.2bn into the economy, The Group is calling ... [+]

Planners suffer freight ‘freight blindness’ says infrastructure report

Government and local authorities are suffering from ‘freight blindness’ with little understanding of why and how to plan for the sector and leaving its needs of far down the priority list, says the National Infrastructure Commission’s interim report into the Future of Freight, published on 21 December. Planners are unable ... [+]

Ports deliver five-point plan for growth

The UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) has launched a five-point plan to build growth in the sector. It calls for policies that will ensure the UK has a ports sector than can continue to thrive in a changing world; promote; create a positive planning and development framework; deliver a balanced environmental ... [+]

Ports call for joined up freight strategy

The UK Major Ports Group called for an integrated freight strategy in its response to the Government's consultation on the next phase of England's road strategy. It said that the UK must develop a cohesive strategy across transport modes for the key freight transport corridors. UKMPG chief executive Tim Morris, said: ... [+]

Brussels rules ‘still a threat’ say UK ports

The Ports Services Regulation, currently being considered by the European parliament, is still a threat, the UK Major Ports Group chairman Simon Bird told shipping minister Robert Goodwill on 16 July and reiterated the industry's ongoing concerns over the Port Services Regulation. Mr Bird said. "It is important that the UK ... [+]

New chief for ports group

  Theresa Crossley has taken over as executive director of UK Major Ports Group, following the retirement of Richard Bird from the industry. Crossley has been head of Shipping Policy in the Department of Transport and, since 2010, a director at the European Maritime Safety Agency in in Lisbon. [+]

Ports manifesto

The UK Major Ports Group is due to launch a Manifesto for the UK ports industry at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham on 29 September. Ports4Prosperity calls on the Government to work with the ports sector to support UK industry, pointing out that 95% of the nation’s trade in ... [+]

We’re fine as we are, says UK ports chief

UK Major Ports Group chairman Charles Hammond told the Parliamentary reception on 26 November that the country's ports are in good health “and making a significant contribution to the economic life of the United Kingdom” - 400,000 jobs, direct and indirect, a GDP contribution of over £21 billion and tax ... [+]

Think again on ports plan, MEPs told

The UK Major Ports Group has called on MEPs to withdraw or suspend the proposed regulation on liberalisation of port services to allow time to assess the question thoroughly. The mainly private sector UK ports, supported by others, including Rotterdam, are unhappy at the European Commission's plans to impose detailed ... [+]

Unite backs port owners’ stance against Brussels

The Unite trade union has thrown its weight behind the UK Major Ports Group in rejecting the European Commission's proposed new ports directive. Unite says it is unhappy at moves that would allow shipowners to use their own crews to unload cargo and undermine UK port workers’ pay and conditions; ... [+]

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