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Nightmare for Boeing’s Dreamlifter – update 2

[ November 21, 2013   //   ]

A 747 Dreamlifter used to transport wing assemblies for Boeing’s 787 Dramliner aircraft that was feared stranded at Colonel James Jabara airport in Kansas has safely taken off. The aircraft, a modified version of the 747-400 freighter with a bulbous upper fuselage was heading for McConnell air force base in Wichita but touched down by mistake at Colonel James Jabara, which only has a 1,860m (6,100ft) runway. The Dreamlifter’s normally requires a runway of 2,780m (9,119ft) to take off at maximum weight, according to the BBC. However, with its fuel load depleted, the aircraft was able to safely use the shorter runway.

Boeing has a fleet of four Dreamlifters used to transport large assembled components for its 787 for assembly in Washington state.



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