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Of all the ports, in all the world…

[ January 25, 2013   //   ]

OPDR Hamburg is offering its first direct container service from the UK to Casablanca, says UK agent John Good Shipping.

A revamped schedule will be operated by OPDR’s five sister vessels and will, for the first time, include a direct service between Felixstowe and Casablanca. In the past, this service has been routed via Rotterdam under a slot agreement with a third party carrier.

Departures from Felixstowe are on Saturdays, arriving in Casablanca the following Saturday and there is a seven-day transit time in both directions.

OPDR line manager at Hull-based John Good Shipping, Steve Whitfield, said: “This new service makes the OPDR service unique as we are not aware of any other line calling either directly or even on a weekly basis, or indeed offering such a quick transit time. The usual transit time is around 10 – 16 days, depending on which carrier you choose, and transhipment would be either via Rotterdam, Lisbon or a combination of both or other ports.”

“This new direct service means customers can load containers at their premises right up until the day before departure,” continued Steve Whitfield. “And with potential delivery to the customer the following Monday we are creating a possible door- to-door transit time of 11 days. This is as fast, and in some cases quicker, than other carriers’ port- to-port transit times.”

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