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Online relay system comes to the UK

[ June 8, 2022   //   ]

Online road freight relay platform Trucksters is to launch its first routes to the UK. The Spanish-owned company, which uses artificial intelligence to operate truck relay systems to reduce transit times, run vehicles more continuously and reduce the number of overnight stops for drivers will operate routes from Barcelona and from Central and Northern Spain via Calais and Eurotunnel into the UK.

It is Trucksters’ fourth corridor and the first into a non-EU country. The company says the new route will help ease the UK’s acute driver shortage.

Transit times will be 28-34 hours, 50% faster than currently.

The new corridor has been tested with some of the firm’s existing clients. Trucksters handles all customs paperwork leaving drivers to focus on delivering the goods.

Trucksters’ existing corridors connect Central-Northern Spain to Benelux and West Germany, the Spanish Levante to Benelux and West Germany, and to Poland.

Co-founder Gabor Balogh, said that clients had voiced their need for the route, as the number of companies covering had reduced in recent months, adding:  “The perception was that this route was complex due to paperwork and driver shortage. However, we are confident that our system will deliver an agile and efficient service.”

Trucksters operates more than 1,000 trucks per month and has carried out almost 5,000 relays in the last year. Its clients include more than 600 Spanish and international companies including Kimberly Clark, DPD Group, Amazon and Seur.

In 2021 it secured Series A financing of €6.3 million from a group of international investors.