New trailers for Trucksters

Spanish-based relay transport operator Trucksters has purchased 50 new trailers. The Krone Mega Liners have a load volume of 100cu m m3 and a hydraulic lifting roof for immediate loading and unloading. Some 20 of the fleet have already been delivered. [+]

Trucksters to offer long haul electric trucks from next year

Spanish relay-based freight transport start-up Trucksters is to offer long-distance transport using only electric vehicles in late 2023. The company is in detailed conversation with leading electrification manufacturers as part of  its sustainability plan to eliminate CO2 emissions. It says that its Artificial Intelligence-based system puts it in a good position ... [+]

Trucksters aims to improve driver experience

Spanish-owned online road freight relay platform Trucksters, which recently launched its first routes to the UK, has appointed Alberto Agulló as driver experience manager. He will lead the company's strategic plan to provide drivers with a more sustainable work-life balance, overseeing a team of six that will also be focusing ... [+]

Online relay system comes to the UK

Online road freight relay platform Trucksters is to launch its first routes to the UK. The Spanish-owned company, which uses artificial intelligence to operate truck relay systems to reduce transit times, run vehicles more continuously and reduce the number of overnight stops for drivers will operate routes from Barcelona and ... [+]

More finance for truck relay firm

Spanish road freight relay operator Trucksters has raised a new €8 million investment following its €6.3 million Series A financing round in July 2021. The capital increase raises the total Series A round at a grand total of 14.3 million euros and will be used to triple the size of ... [+]

Record year for truck-relay firm

Spanish road freight relay operator Trucksters says it registered a record €5 million annual sales in 2021, a 300% increase compared to 2020. The company, which was founded in 2018, uses artificial intelligence to reduce transit times while allowing drivers to sleep many more nights at home. It says it can ... [+]

Relay system claims faster freight, fewer nights in the cab

Spanish-based full truckload relay system has opened offices at Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and Brussels (Belgium). Trucksters has operated between Central Europe and Spain since 2020 using an artificial intelligence-based system. It works by exchanging semi-trailers at relay points with trucks transporting goods in the opposite direction. Drivers operate shorter ... [+]

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