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Parcels expert dismisses Boris Brexit plan

[ June 27, 2019   //   ]

ParcelHero head of consumer research, David Jinks has poured cold water on Prime Ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson’s  claim that article 24 of the Gatt agreement could allow free trade between the UK and the EU after a no-deal Brexit.

He says that Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt) can only apply if all sides agree, and since a no-deal Brexit would imply that there was no agreement, Gatt 24 cannot apply.

He explained: “The EU and UK could introduce a no tariff arrangement at borders if they so choose, as part of an interim arrangement; but that would have to be by mutual agreement. One side cannot impose this on the other. And since by definition, no deal means there has been no agreement on tariffs, Mr Johnson’s plan could not work.”

He added that Gatt Article 24 would be irrelevant if the UK cannot agree Brexit terms with the EU by 31 October: “Instead – if we crash out without a deal – we will be trading with our EU neighbours under WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules.”