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Relay system claims faster freight, fewer nights in the cab

[ October 14, 2021   //   ]

Spanish-based full truckload relay system has opened offices at Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and Brussels (Belgium).

Trucksters has operated between Central Europe and Spain since 2020 using an artificial intelligence-based system. It works by exchanging semi-trailers at relay points with trucks transporting goods in the opposite direction. Drivers operate shorter sections of longer routes which, says Trucksters, keeps vehicles on the road continuously without a break and eliminates the need of a co-driver while offering a better work-life balance as it allows more drivers to sleep at home rather than in their cabs for more nights.

The company says it can operate between Madrid and Dortmund in just 24 hours, 50% less than a conventional freight route’s 48 hours. It has appointed former DHL Freight head of sales FTL Fuat Karabag (pictured, left) to lead the project in Germany. He said: “I am looking forward to the new challenge of working for a young and very dynamic company such as Trucksters, which drives innovation while keeping its feet on the ground and offers a value proposition that the sector needs”.

Grégory Truijens (right), a transport and logistics specialist who has worked for companies including DHL Global Forwarding, Geodis, Mediamarkt and Sanorice, will head the Belgian delegation. He says: “Joining the Trucksters family was thrilling as I felt the excitement, believe and enormous drive to change the stakes within the transportation industry.  A drive that I was looking for as well in my professional career. Therefore, I’m tremendously happy to be one of the voices that will spread into the market the ‘Truckstersian’ vision and mission for the trucking industry.”

Co-founder of Trucksters, Gabor Balogh, added: “With these new locations in Germany and Belgium we want to further establish ourselves in the European market and to better serve our existing customers as well as to expand our business. With the opening of these branches, we can significantly increase our visibility in important markets such as Germany and Belgium. Our goal is to become the main reference for express transport in Europe.”

Bielefeld will coordinate transport to and from Germany on two different routes, both with the North Rhine-Westphalia region at their centre. Currently, Trucksters focuses on three main corridors: Central-Northern Spain connected to Benelux/West Germany, Spanish Levante (Eastern Spain) connected to Benelux and West Germany and Levante to Poland.

Transport to and from Belgium operates either on the Levante axis connecting Valencia and Barcelona with Belgium and the Central connecting Madrid with Belgium. Both routes continue to the Netherlands and the German Ruhr region.