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Russia’s TIR ban is illegal, says supreme court

[ October 15, 2013   //   ]

The Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation – the country’s highest judicial body – ruled that Russia’s Federal Customs Service plans to leave the TIR system for road transport – were illegal.

Russia had been planning to effectively withdraw the TIR system throughout its entire territory in mid-August, before postponing the move twice, first to mid-September and then until 1 December, in a dispute was over an alleged 20 billion roubles-worth of duty (about £400 million) owned to the customs service by the Association of International Road Carriers, which issues TIR carnets in Russia. It has however imposed restrictions on the TIR system in specific territories, firstly to the o the Ural Customs, Siberian and far east regions, imposed on 14 September and then, on 2 October, the Privolzhsky Customs Directorate area.

However, following the court’s decision, the International Road Transport Union, which represents international road transport operators, said it hoped that the restrictions would now be withdrawn immediately.

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