Egypt joins TIR

Egypt has joined the United Nations TIR bonded roadfreight system. In recent years, the TIR system has expanded rapidly in the Middle East and is now fully operational in countries including Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, cutting transport times by up to 90%. Transit times will be further reduced with the implementation of the paperless eTIR system. [+]

TIR goes live in Oman

The TIR system is now operational in Oman, following the commitment made by the country to join the customs bonding scheme in 2018. Dedicated TIR lanes are in place between Oman and the UAE. [+]

Short-cut to Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Iran corridor has opened for TIR transit. It follows a pilot operation from Bandar Abbas (Iran) to Tajikistan via Afghanistan. The corridor offers the shortest possible route between Iran and Kyrgyzstan, saving up to five days on the usual transit time. [+]

TIR set to go digital

Signatories to the TIR Convention adopted a new legal framework to make the system fully digital on 5 February. The next steps entail implementing digital corridors, so that customs authorities and transport operators are able to use fully electronic solutions as soon as possible, set for May 2021. [+]

First Saudi TIR transit

The first TIR transport movement from Dubai to Jordan via Saudi Arabia has been successfully concluded. It reduced the normal seven-day transit time to just four days. The Electronic Advance Declaration facility reduced waiting time at the Saudi border by an average of six hours. [+]

China opens more borders to TIR

China Customs is to open more TIR border crossing points with Kazakhstan. They are at Maikapchagai – Jimunai, Dostyk – Alashankou, Kolzhat – Dulata and Bakhty – Baketu. Together with Khorgos, which opened in May 2018, all five China-Kazakhstan border crossings will be fully TIR operational. [+]

Cheaper than a plane, faster than a train

Ceva Logistics has taken part in the project to send the first ever TIR truck from China to Europe. A trial run from Khorgos, China via Kazakhstan to Poland operated on 13 November, in conjunction with the International Road Transportation Union and Alblas and Jet-rail, arriving at destination in just ... [+]

Argentina to join TIR

Argentina has acceded to the TIR Convention. It joins existing South American signatories Chile and Uruguay. [+]

Oman to join TIR

Oman is to join the TIR, becoming the latest Gulf country to join the customs transit scheme. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) said it would work closely with government agencies to develop a digital using the latest technologies. Bilateral trade between Arab countries is currently as low as 10% ... [+]

Pakistan TIR goes live

The Pakistan International Chamber of Commerce (PNC-ICC) issued the first TIR carnet this week to Pakistani transport operator, TCS Logistics on 12 October. It follows recent meetings in Istanbul between Afghanistan and Pakistan where they agreed to initiate test operations from Karachi to Kabul and vice versa. There are now plans to ... [+]

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