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Schiphol puts slot worries behind it

[ January 24, 2018   //   ]

Netherlands gateway and Europe’s third largest air cargo hub, Schiphol, reported a 5.4% increase in cargo in 2017, to 1.75 million tonnes.

Imports from the Far East increased by 3.1% to 299,386 tonnes, with exports to the region growing by 8.8% year-on-year to 316,097 tonnes.

Latin America inbound cargo was up 21.5% to 123,524 tonnes due to a number of additional full freighter flights. Outbound cargo grew by 1.8% to 76,498 tonnes.

However, import volumes from Africa decreased by 6.6% to 109,751 tonnes due to temporary aeronautical restrictions that have been in place since June 2017.

Air traffic movements at Schiphol increased 3.7% to 496,748 in 2017, just below the maximum ceiling of 500,000 agreed between Schiphol Group, the local community, airlines, and the Dutch Government. This had led to some freighter slots being cancelled in late 2017, but the issue has now been resolved.