CCS-UK to speed ro ro freight post-Brexit

BT’s CCS-UK and the CCS-UK User Group have developed a solution to speed movement of imports to the UK via ro ro ports or the Channel Tunnel. Initially approved by HMRC and Border Force at the end of January 2020 for use in the event of no deal, it will be adapted to comply with the processes required at the end of the current implementation period, once details are known. It ... [+]

New information system speeds up Heathrow cargo, says CCS UK

The CCS-UK User Group says its AIS (Advance Information System) is bringing real results at Heathrow Airport, and helping to reduce congestion at the UK’s busiest airfreight gateway. Two years ago, CCS-UK User Group – the body which represents all users of the UK’s air cargo community computer system, CCS-UK – ... [+]

CCS-UK group takes congestion-busting plan on the road

The CCS-UK User Group – the non-profit body which manages, and commissions enhancements to, the CCS-UK freight community – is organising a series of road shows around the UK in early 2018 to highlight the issue of truck congestion at Heathrow and its own plans for an advanced information system ... [+]

CCS-UK to speed cargo through Heathrow

The CCS-UK airfreight community user group has launched a new module that it sways will speed cargo through at Heathrow Airport’s transit sheds. CCS-UK Advanced Info will allow freight agents, and their transport providers, to send advance information and alerts to handling agents and to submit Electronic Consignment Security Declarations (eCSDs). Information ... [+]

Audit office warns of ‘meltdown’ if Chief replacement fails

The head of the National Audit Office has warned that a collapse of Customs’ new computer system could throw the UK into chaos after Brexit, on the day that the Government was due to publish its ‘Great repeal Bill’. In a strongly-worded statement, auditor general Sir Amyas Morse said that the ... [+]

BIFA welcomes Customs fallback

The British International Freight Association has welcomed the news that an electronic back up system that would prevent a catastrophe in the event of a failure by HMRC’s CHIEF computer. BIFA director general, Robert Keen said: “Although the back-up system has been in existence for about a year, it is good ... [+]

CCS-UK fallback to secure safety of airfreight supply chain

Three decades on from the Travicom debacle that shut down the UK’s airfreight for several days, an electronic fallback system is available to prevent a similar meltdown in the event of a prolonged outage of HMRC’s computer systems. The BT-owned CCS-UK air cargo electronic community system unveiled a new electronic back-up ... [+]

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