Tappin back in the UK

Retired freight forwarder Christopher Tappin is reported to be back in the UK to complete his 33-year sentence for selling banned batteries to Iran. He is currently in Wandsworth Prison near his home and family in Orpington, Kent, but not before he had endured six weeks in New York's notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center while his extradition was approved, said his lawyer. [+]

Tappin gets 33 months

Retired British freight forwarder Christopher Tappin was sentenced to 33 months in prison by a court in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday 9 January. The 65-year-old had pleaded guilty in November to attempting to illegally sell missile parts to Iran in what transpired to be a US Customs ‘sting’ operation. ... [+]

Tappin to face trial in November

Former freight forwarder Christopher Tappin will face trial in November on charges of selling weapons parts to Iran, the BBC reported. The former director of Surrey-based Brooklands International Freight Services has been on bail in the US since April after spending two months in a US jail. He denies the ... [+]

Tappin released on bail

Retired British freight forwarder Christopher Tappin, who was extradited to the US over allegations of shipping banned material to Iran, is to be released on bail, ITV reported. Mr Tappin will be released shortly, his lawyer Kent Schaffer said on 23 April. His family must now pay $50,000 (£31,000) to secure ... [+]

Tappin ‘was big time’ alleges US prosecution

At the bail hearing started last Tuesday, of UK freight forwarder Christopher Tappin,  US prosecutors alleged that was heavily involved in trading with Iran. According to the Mail Online,  A senior investigator for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service told a Texas court that the retired director of Orpington-based Brooklands Freight ... [+]

Tappin refused bail

Retired British freight forwarder extradited to the US has been refused bail by a court in Texas, the BBC reported. Chris Tappin, of Orpington, south-east London, was extradited on 24 February after claims he conspired to sell batteries for use in Iranian missiles. A spokesman for federal prosecutors said bail ... [+]

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