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Transporters must declare goods movements within Europe

[ February 3, 2022   //   ]

New rules came into force on 1 February requiring transport operators to declare if they are transporting goods inside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It applies to HGVs, vans or trailers including trailers towed by cars and to cabotage journeys (loading goods in one of these countries and unloading them at another point in the same country using a UK-registered vehicle), cross-trade movements (loading goods in one of these countries and unloading them in another of these countries using a UK-registered vehicle) and moving goods for a business’ own use inside these countries. (This applies even to firms whose business is not mainly to move goods.)

The ‘posting declarations’ are free but must be made on an EU portal at Companies must open an account and provide a range of information about the firm, its transport manager and drivers.

Journeys inside Ireland must also be declared if covered by the rules and they also apply to Northern Ireland operators.

The rules do not apply to goods moved between the UK and Europe, provided no intro-European movements are made, nor do they apply to empty vehicles.