May surge for Eurotunnel trucks

In May 2021, Eurotunnel's Le Shuttle Freight transported 112,772 trucks, an increase of 25% compared to May 2020. However, traffic for the five months from January to May 2021 was down 5% on 2020, at 530,964 trucks. [+]

Le Shuttle freight stable

Le Shuttle Freight transported 122,832 trucks in March, a decrease of 2% compared to March 2020. The tunnel operator said the market was still marked by the adjustments to new post-Brexit administrative rules, but with a trend towards normalisation. The cumulative total for January-March was 387,248 trucks, down 21% on ... [+]

Border pass to speed Eurotunnel freight post-Brexit

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight is introducing a new Eurotunnel Border Pass for its freight customers as part of its Brexit preparations. The virtual wallet shares information needed for border crossings between the transporter and Eurotunnel, and then between Eurotunnel and the border authorities. It is secure and digitised, and the ... [+]

Eurotunnel sustains recovery

Eurotunnel operator Getlink’s Le Shuttle Freight traffic sustained its recent recoveryduring August with 110,327 trucks transported, only 7% below the levels seen in August 2019. The tunnel company reported in July that freight had returned to near-normal levels with 123,879 trucks carried, just 5% down on the same month in ... [+]

Eurotunnel trucks stage recovery in July

Eurotunnel operator Getlink says it Le Shuttle Freight traffic returned to near-normal levels in July with 123,879 trucks carried, just 5% down on the same month in 2019. It attributed the improvement to the strengthening of anti-Covid and truck driver  well-being measures. On July 8, daily truck traffic reached a ... [+]

Eurotunnel freight hits post-Covid high

Eurotunnel’s Le Shuttle Freight service moved 108,000 trucks in June, down 11% on the same month in 2019. For the six months January to June 2020, carryings were 665,350, down 18% on the same period last year. However, daily freight traffic reached a high for the period since 19 March, ... [+]

Green director for Getlink

Eurotunnel operator Getlink has appointed Vincent Ducros as group environment director. He previously worked for  PricewaterhouseCoopers’ major programme management entity, including a rail infrastructure programme and several infrastructure projects in the low carbon sector and has been project manager at Suez Recycling and Recovery France since 2018. [+]

Eurotunnel sees partial recovery

Eurotunnel’s truck shuttle traffic was down 29% in March compared with the same month last year, at 90,300 vehicles, although it was up by 10,000 vehicles on the previous month, April, acording to data released by operator Getlink on 5 June. Eurotunnel’s truck traffic declined by a third in April ... [+]

Eurotunnel trucks drop by a third

Eurotunnel’s truck traffic declined by a third in the Covid-19-hit month of April 2020, to just under 80,000 vehicles while passenger cars crashed by over 90%, to under 20,000. Operator Getlink attributed the relatively good truck performance to resilient demand for food, pharmaceuticals and e-commerce.   [+]

Strikes and Brexit take their toll on tunnel freight

Eurotunnel freight traffic was down 7% in December 2019, at 121,939 vehicles, compared with the same month last year and 6% down for the year as a whole (1.6 million). Owner Getlink blamed the difficult economic and political context, including the French Customs officers’ strike, uncertainty over Brexit and the ... [+]

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