Early doors for HMRC inland sites

HM Revenue and Customs is to close two temporary Inland Border Facilities (IBFs) set up in the wake of Brexit earlier than planned, in November 2022. The two remaining interim IBF sites Warrington and Ebbsfleet, will close on 13 November and 27 November respectively, following the closure of Birmingham and North Weald IBFs earlier this year.   IBFs were created to allow HMRC to carry out documentation checks and physical inspections away from ... [+]

Another year for Northern Ireland Trader Support Service

HM Revenue & Customs is to extend the Trader Support Service (TSS) for companies moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland until December 2023. More than 47,000 businesses have registered with the free digital platform since its launch in 2020 to navigate changes to the way goods move under the ... [+]

Importers unready for CDS – updated

Customs solutions provider C4T, said in mid-August that it was increasingly concerned about the number of UK importers yet to register for, and become familiar with HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).  The deadline for migration from the old CHIEF system is 30 September and declarations using CHIEF from 1 ... [+]

Use it or lose it, HMRC warns importers

HMRC is warning that 3,500 businesses risk losing the ability to import goods if they fail to switch to the Customs Declaration Service for import declarations from 1 October. It says that while many businesses are already using CDS, around 3,500 businesses are yet to move from the former CHIEF system. ... [+]

HMRC halts new importers registrations on Chief

HMRC says that it has stopped accepting registration requests from new importers from 5 July and they would need to register with CDS to make import declarations. Earlier, HMRC said it was writing to more than 220,000 existing importers urging them to move to the new Customs Declaration Service, which is ... [+]

Time to move to CDS, HMRC tells importers

HMRC is writing to more than 220,000 businesses urging them to move to the new Customs Declaration Service, which is due to replace the Chief system for import declarations in September, and export declarations by 31 March 2023. It says that CDS should now be used for making import declarations when moving ... [+]

UK zeroes Ukraine import tariffs

The UK has reduced all tariffs on goods imported from Ukraine to zero and removed all quotas under a free trade agreement. It follows a direct request from President Zelenskyy’s government to support the Ukrainian economy. The country’s major exports include barley, honey, tinned tomatoes and poultry. The UK has ... [+]

Firms sign up for CDS training – but more are needed, says ASM

Freight software supplier Agency Sector Management (ASM) has provided access to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) online training platform for over two thirds of its users. Its Sequoia Customs clearance software provides users with unlimited test access to CDS in advance of it going live for imports this September. CDS will replace ... [+]

Simpler customs for Ukraine aid

HMRC is simplifying customs processes for humanitarian being sent to Ukraine. Businesses, charities and community organisations sending aid from British ports will be able to make a customs declaration by speaking to customs officers or simply by the act of driving through a port, it says. They will no longer need ... [+]

Farewell to the CHIEF – in 2023

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will become the UK’s single customs platform from 31 March 2023, says HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) HMRC will close its Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) from this date, after which all businesses will need to declare goods through the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). CDS is ... [+]

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