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TT Club offers toolkit to tweak ESG policy

[ April 23, 2024   //   ]

Freight insurer TT Club has produced a toolkit to help transport companies develop a Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) policies. It provides signposts to strategies and solutions to challenges such as emissions calculation, reduction and reporting. The toolkit will develop over time to build a resource base of success stories of effective ESG strategies from across the cargo handling and supply chain sectors. TT Club says that support and guidance to help mitigate the environmental impact of operations is a valid start point but knowing what to consider will be starkly different for a freight forwarder, a port or a container terminal. Operations must positively impact local communities wherever possible.  However, transport and logistics companies wield significant influence over numerous social factors. From ensuring fair labour practices to promoting diversity and inclusion and to safeguarding employee well-being. What are the best means of ensuring these goals is a question an operator must answer.