Ports deliver five-point plan for growth

The UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) has launched a five-point plan to build growth in the sector. It calls for policies that will ensure the UK has a ports sector than can continue to thrive in a changing world; promote; create a positive planning and development framework; deliver a balanced environmental approach; and ensure that the UK is well placed to develop the ports of the future The group says that its ... [+]

Ports can breathe easy over air quality

Port operations make up only a small proportion of total emissions, particularly in urban areas, according to a report by air quality specialists Arup. Emissions from vessels in the ports usually have a relatively low and very localised impact, said the document, which was presented at a roundtable organised by ... [+]

Trade gives Customs white paper cautious welcome

BIFA said it had “mixed feelings” about the Brexit White Paper, published on 13 July. Director general Robert Keen said it “ addresses some of the issues that BIFA has highlighted over the past two years,  including retaining something as close to the Single Market and Customs Union as is possible, ... [+]

Are you in? Ports industry to get its own Dragon’s Den

The UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) has launched a ‘Dragons Den’-style competition to find the smartest ideas about how digitisation can transform services, what Government and business can do to make this happen and then connecting the originators of the best ideas with the chief executives of the UK’s major ... [+]

Ports are hubs for the future, says survey

Ports could turn themselves into hubs for wider economic activity such as logistics and manufacturing with more customer-specific services, according to a member survey by the UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) published on 18 May. Part of the UKMPG’s response to the Government’s Maritime 2050 Call for Evidence which closed that ... [+]

Customs union is not enough, says FTA

With the House of Commons debating a motion on customs and borders on 26 April, The Freight Transport Association is warning that a customs union with the EU would not in itself remove the need for checks at the borders or deliver frictionless trade. FTA's deputy chief executive James Hookham commented: ... [+]

Industry welcomes port links study

Freight industry groups have welcomed a Port Connectivity study by the Government, announced on 24 April. The UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG), which represents gateways handling 75% of the country’s seaborne trade, said there would be significant value to the economy from making a step change in port connectivity and that ... [+]

Ports call for joined up freight strategy

The UK Major Ports Group called for an integrated freight strategy in its response to the Government's consultation on the next phase of England's road strategy. It said that the UK must develop a cohesive strategy across transport modes for the key freight transport corridors. UKMPG chief executive Tim Morris, said: ... [+]

We’re fine as we are, says UK ports chief

UK Major Ports Group chairman Charles Hammond told the Parliamentary reception on 26 November that the country's ports are in good health “and making a significant contribution to the economic life of the United Kingdom” - 400,000 jobs, direct and indirect, a GDP contribution of over £21 billion and tax ... [+]

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