Zencargo funds further growth

Digital freight forwarder Zencargo has raised £30m in new finance. It will use it to increase its team from 150 to 350 people over the next two years and expand into the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and the US. Zencargo has now raised a total of £42m, and is targeting revenues of £100m for this year, and over £200m for 2022. [+]

Zencargo offers virtual offices

Digital forwarder Zencargo has launched a procurement service for retailers based on virtual local offices. It provides procurement teams with a local presence, close to their suppliers, enabling businesses to get the level of detail that would normally require a remote team. They use automated messaging and artificial intelligence to ... [+]

Zencargo and the art of supply chain maintenance

Inefficient supply chains are costing UK business £1.5bn a year, according to a new study by digital freight forwarder Zencargo. It says that detailed analysis of over 100 shipments from a cross section of UK industries suggests that they are wasting over three hours on average per individual shipment mployees are ... [+]

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