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Zencargo and the art of supply chain maintenance

[ June 29, 2018   //   ]

Inefficient supply chains are costing UK business £1.5bn a year, according to a new study by digital freight forwarder Zencargo. It says that detailed analysis of over 100 shipments from a cross section of UK industries suggests that they are wasting over three hours on average per individual shipment

mployees are spending time on phone calls and emails to request and funnel data back and forth between their trade partners, the majority of which already exists on partner systems.

Processing shipments ties up 50,000 jobs in unnecessary procurement and freight admin, Zencargo estimates.

The study also suggests that Brexit is likely to exacerbate this efficiency problem further as shipments with non-EU countries involve on average 17% more time than shipments with the EU.

Zencargo adds that its comprehensive dashboard allows supply chain teams to collaborate in real time. Users can book shipments online, track status updates and run analytics to reveal critical supply chain insights. It has just released a purchase order management feature that can save over an hour per shipment.