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Test first before imposing data rules, says TIACA

[ January 17, 2014   //   ]

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has called for further testing of advance data provision for air cargo and mail parcels security screening. Common global standards and procedures must also be developed to avoid disruption to world trade, secretary general Doug Brittin told the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) Annual Technical Experts Group on Air Cargo Security Conference in Brussels.

He cautioned against customs regulators taking unilateral action to require submission of customs information for all air cargo shipments, in advance of aircraft departure, recommending that this process be cordinated through the WCO and that they consult more closely with industry first. There should also be common procedures for member states’ security regulators, he said.

While country specific advance data programs have been tested by customs regulators – including ACAS in the US, PRECISE in Europe and PACT in Canada – and some results shared through the WCO and other venues, gaps in ‘global standards’ remain. Challenges included the lack of compatibility between many carrier and forwarder IT systems, inaccurate or incomplete information, wide variations in the timing of data availability, and limited testing of forwarder capabilities, especially outside the US.

Further questions surroundhow e-AWB and e-CSD (trusted shipper) messaging procedures could link to a regulator data scheme.

Without common customs and security regulatory processes, cargo transiting or transferring at a gateway may be required to be located, off-loaded and screened – and the shipment may be only one piece in a ULD container. Carriers may be required to submit the same or similar data to many customs regimes. Different screening procedures may continue for targeted, higher risk shipments, he added.

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