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Truckers deplore slow progress on secure parking

[ April 28, 2016   //   ]

The European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) and the International Road Transport Union have called on EU Member States to fulfil their obligations to create more secure truck parking on the Trans-European Road Network to help combat the migration crisis. Michael Nielsen who leads IRU’s work in the EU described the lack of secure parking as a continuing challenge for operators and drivers, saying: “The more unsecured parking areas, the higher the potential boarding places for stowaways. Truck drivers have the right to spend their rest periods in a place where they, their vehicle and their load are safe.”

EU legislation requires Member States to install secure truck parking areas every 100 km on the core Trans-European network but implementation has been very slow, despite the availability of EU co-funding, say IRU and ESPORG. They want more transparency in the process and the private sector must also be encouraged to invest in secure truck parking areas with easier access to EU funding.

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