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Tyne port vows to clean up the Toon

[ March 11, 2019   //   ]

Port of Tyne has taken on a scheme to create clear blue water in the North-East after four local councils were forced to end funding for the scheme. Some 20 years ago the four councils of Gateshead, Newcastle, North and South Tyneside, together with the Port of Tyne, set up the Clean Tyne Project to remove debris from the river and improve water quality.
However, one by one each council decided to end their funding between 2015 and February this year, prompting the port to take on leadership of the scheme.
While Port of Tyne has statutory responsibility for the river, this is only for the safety of navigation and not cleaning up the river per se, although some debris is hefty enough to pose a threat to passing vessels.
The port plans to ask all four councils to be involved on a non-financial basis and will itself continue to operate the Clearwater debris collection vessel, removing around 400 tonnes of debris from the river each year.