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Views wanted on future of non-inventory ports and airports

[ February 5, 2015   //   ]

BIFA is urging its members to take part in an HM Revenue & Customs consultation on what do do about ports and airports that have no computerised inventory system from June next year.

In an article in its magazine, BIFAlink, the association says that, from 1 June 2016, the EU’s new Union Customs Code (UCC) will require all communications with customs to be made electronically, which could pose smaller gateways that have not introduced such systems with a problem.

BIFA has already worked with HMRC on a trial consultation in the Humber region, where it was found that opinion was divided on the issue.

The consultation runs until 31 March. BIFA stresses that it is important to read the information paper – CIP (14) 90 – and the accompanying consultation document first:

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