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Wagons roll in Manston

[ January 7, 2019   //   ]

Live tests are currently underway to test the feasibility of using the disused Manston airport as an overflow lorry park in the event of post-Brexit problems in Dover or the Channel Tunnel. A fleet of 89 empty trucks, hired-in by the Department for Transport at taxpayer’s expense, set off at 08:00 from Manston for the 20-mile journey to Dover, where they looped the roundabout at the entrance to the port and returned to the former airfield. A second test run from Manston got underway at 11am, according to press reports.
Critics of the government’s preparations said that they were baffled at what the DfT hoped to learn from the exercise, given that Dover typically handles not a couple of hundred lorries a day but several thousands.

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